The 8 Audio Apps That Will Slowly Destroy FM Radio

The 8 Audio Apps That Will Slowly Destroy FM Radio

Let’s be honest: FM radio is not what it used to be. Of all the music, news, commentary, and other audio content available in the world, the FM dial only captures a tiny–and bland–percentage of it. If this wasn’t obvious before, it’s been made clear by the advent of […]

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  1. Michael says:

    Apps, apparatus for over 50 years, FM, frequency modulation. One can not on FM as broadcasters say, I bought a tablet DVD player over 3 years ago, long before the computer industry decided that a tablet was a type of computer, as well as items purchased from a pharmacy. Just far to jargonic, if this is really how broadcast industry technicians speak, I am glad that I have retired. Application is a verb, not a noun, and App, goodness knows. Mobile is not a noun, is is an adjective, a handset is the part of a telephone joined by a cord to the telephone base. Sorry, too much jargon which destrys an otherwise interesting article. Just remember to add the word “computer” to the new hand-held devices, that is what they are. GW8KLD

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