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Sahara sand storm

BBC One – Planet Earth, Deserts, Sahara sand stormDramatic footage from the centre of the storm demonstrates the abrasive force of sand. via Bbc

African Wildlife

BBC Nature – Video collection: African WildlifeSir David Attenborough’s Africa series took over four years to make and has brought us eye to eye with the continent’s incredible wildlife in spectacular ways. via Bbc

Egypt’s powerful street art packs a punch

Egypt’s powerful street art packs a punch

Egypt’s powerful street art packs a punchAstonishing work has been emerging from a new generation of Egyptian street artists. Influenced by ancient culture and contemporary politics, they are delivering potent messages of protest. Alastair...

Exploring the food capital of Ireland

Exploring the food capital of IrelandNot only does Cork revel in its reputation for fine food and drink, the city also regards itself as the country’s only genuine guardian of Celtic culture. via Bbc

World’s most unusual towns

World’s most unusual townsFrom a circus-centric Florida community to an English high street near Shanghai, these five places are keeping it weird. via Bbc

Cities with great food

Living in: Cities with great foodFrom Tokyo to Lyon, these five cities are known for their sheer abundance of quality restaurants and their access to local produce and specialties. via Bbc

Epicurean Slovenia

Epicurean Slovenia makes its markFrom the capital’s cafe-kissed streets to the coast’s waterfront restaurants, this emerging nation is developing a culinary scene to match its Mitteleuropa neighbours. via Bbc



Melon: A Headband | Well Done Stuff !Gain insight into how your mind works by tracking your focus during any activity you choose. Understand yourself. Learn differently.Melon is a headband and mobile app duo...

City Guides App

City Guides App

10 Things To Try On Your TripAdvisor City Guides App – TripAdvisor BlogSo you’ve downloaded the free TripAdvisor Offline City Guides app and you’re ready for your vacation to that far off land. But...

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