Many of us have heard that “when the going gets tough the tough gets going”.Good to hear certainly; but what does that mean?we as humans live a life of being on a roller coaster,with its peaks and valleys. well we all do but why sometimes we get stuck while other seems to continue.Lets try to find an answer together.

We live on a continum of normality and abnormality.To simplify, when we have upset mood say for about couple of hours then we are SAD,but if the same continues for a week we become depressed. or atleast thats how people would describe our condition. But this mind plays a tricky game and cheats us most of the time. It pushes us to think that there are just two types of worlds. one that has all positive things like,love,care,success,health,wealth, etc. or there is other kind of it the BLACK side comprising of hatred,unacceptance,mocking,failures, etc. The day we step into dark side we feel like a loser and will be amazed if you talk to people,even the most successful ones that their memory for bad days would be much intact then any of their success stories. Ever wondered how? Its because of this tricky mind. Actually our life is not made of black or white world.we live in the world of greys,at all times. Try recalling a day when you were just happy….or the day when nothing good happened…it’s difficult.we tend to experience shades of grey. And as any psychologist would say choose your grey ,choose your comfort zone.see and choose what’s normal for you.

No two people on this earth can have the same definition of happiness or sadness, so why try to be someone else.This world is not a dangerous place to be its our color our way of living that makes the whole difference. so choose your own GREY.

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  1. Yogi says:

    How true. Helps to reflect on the habits of the mind. Nice blog.

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